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Cheating (infidelity) – Dream symbolism and meaning

A typical fantasy: my boyfriend / husband cheated on me

Why don’t we take a glance on two ambitions utilizing the cheating subject. A dream that is typical: “we went along to see my pal and she explained: I cannot notice it any longer, your spouse has the official mistress and everybody is aware of it. You need to make a move! She was invited by him to a celebration. In which he addressed her being a girlfriend that is real. Everyone else saw it. Your spouse is cheating with him including a woman on you! ” Another typical dream: ” My boyfriend comes home and there are several people in the car. He kisses her. Whenever my boyfriend gets from the motor vehicle, she starts using his clothes off and starts seducing him shamelessly. We gaze I shout: pack your stuff and get out! At them and after a while”

Interpreting the fantasy into the context of the waking life

The decision that is final simple tips to interpret you dream of cheating based on your present situation, is always your decision. (more…)