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Austria Visa Application needs – many economies that are powerful europe

The country that is german-speaking of has a location of 83,871km2 when you look at the old continent of European countries. It’s one of several wealthiest nations on the planet by per capita GDP terms, and between the many economies that are powerful europe.

International people can put on for the Austrian Schengen Visa since 1997 whenever Austria as an EU Member State additionally became user state regarding the Schengen region. In 2017 alone, 304,556 visa that is short-term were filed during the Austrian embassies/consulates across the world. It’s estimated that 38.6 million tourists, including EU nationals, visited the nation when you look at the same 12 months.

Austria Entry Demands

Non-EU nationals, whenever turning up in the Austrian port of entry, will have to provide some travel and recognition papers towards the Austrian edge officer. These papers are the following: