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Qualifying assets derive from Schwab brokerage and Schwab Bank combined account balances, including:

a) Brokerage reports where the borrower(s) can be an owner, trustee or custodian; b) conventional, Roth, and Rollover Individual pension reports (IRA)* – individually owned or inherited. (academic & Custodial IRAs are not qualified); c) Bank reports when the borrower(s) is an owner or trustee: checking & savings; online bad credit wa d) Non-Retirement company Corporation, LLC, Partnership and Sole Proprietorship records might be qualified with respect to the borrower’s part. (Excluding Business Retirement reports such as for example Simple IRA, SEP IRA & Pension Trust).

*Clients of Independent Investment Advisors: IRA balance eligibility just isn’t designed for consumers of separate investment advisors. (more…)