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Do you know what our company is never rethe bestlly a protection guards, baby-sitter or even workers that are social we have been libraries.

I am hoping which our Board to Trustees discovers after their errors. And I also pray it Washington puts his or her leg down plus does not let Ginnie Cooper inside disrespect you want this girl did Brooklyn.

Published through: shortly become an old BPLer | June 30, 2006 5:37

I’d only always love point out which many years back, perhaps not even after Sept. Eleven there was clearly excellent event in the best branch collection whenever an individual expected staff that is reference questions regarding Pres. Bush’s parade path (he had been arriving at ny).

The employees had been called and concerned protection that and then named law enforcement. The in-patient ended up being taken and arrested inside to questioning as well as future revealed. Ginnie ended up being disturb about any of it then soon after developed Intellectual Freedom knowledge the intact employee.

On the list of things covered ended up being general public computer systems to pornography that is accessing. Most of us had been disrupted by just your result: BPL instructed people to permit clients to gain access to pornography; based on them it absolutely was his or her intellectual ideal. (more…)