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We v e heard all of it before: “I s nt # Ebony Lives thing divisive? Don t we all bleed red?

Here’s the one thing K(ar)en, the issue isn’t the youngsters. The issue is: authority numbers not being trained how exactly to non violently assess and handle non conformity; a method arranged to capitalize on the imprisonment, endangerment, and death/murder of people of color; individuals of color being labelled “disrespectful” and “thuggish” for challenging authority, but whenever non POC do so, they’re working out their liberties; black/brownness being read as “immediate risk” and “deserving of punishmemt: irrespective of behavior; militarized safety gauards in schools; non POC maybe not batting an eye fixed at a youngster being tossed towards the ground, assaulted, pushed up against walls, punched until bloody, kicked into the ribs, shaken because of the throat, and we hate to have to be the one to inform you this, K it is because that kid is perhaps not White.

Not just would there be a mob quiver during the prepared if an officer addressed a child that is white that, that mob wouldn’t even be necessary as the possibility of an officer dealing with a white child that way is practically minimal. go homeward, K(ar)en. The issue is you.

We v e heard all of it before: “I s nt # Ebony Lives question divisive? Don t we all bleed red? Theres only 1 competition: the race that is human. We don’t also see color, with the exception of red, which can be along with of this bloodstream I earlier mentioned. Bob Marley stated it most useful: let’s meet up and feel alright. Because ALL LIVES SITUATION!”This could be where drop that is you’d links and games. Copy/paste evert bell hooks, Michelle Alexander, Melissa Harris Perry quote proven to mankind. In the event that you think they’d react far better to images, connect a few tumblr and twitter memes to that particular outbound message. These are which, certainly one of my faves that are personal.Dear white individuals: nobody says your daily life cannot be difficult if you are white but it is easy as you’re white