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Dating with a chronic disease – have already been working with a really painful, chronic condition that is medical

Hello Meredith (and all sorts of you lovely LL visitors)!

I’ve been struggling with this specific situation for a few right some time I was thinking it may assist if We gained some viewpoint.

Which have dominated my entire life when it comes to previous 5 years. Without going in to the boring details we can let you know that this problem just isn’t life threatening (which is why we am very grateful) but does need periodic rounds of IV medication treatment. We additionally cope with moderate to serious discomfort on a day-to-day foundation, that can be hard every so often but I am definitely better at managing it than we had previously been. To express that this infection changed my entire life could be an understatement. It offers practically changed my lifestyle to become more good and available to improve.

Despite these individual epiphanies, we find i’ve a blind spot regarding the dating globe. Throughout the first couple of several years of my infection we dated a good friend. It got fairly severe but we had beenn’t supposed to be (and it also don’t end well). Regardless of our other dilemmas, we knew then that my disease place large amount of strain on the relationship plus it ended up being very hard for my partner to manage it. This knowledge is now a roadblock within my various dating efforts since my final relationship. (more…)