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This 1978 meeting will need to have been a surprise for the foreign visitors – because it ended up being for all of us.

Maybe Not due to the radical a few ideas of Betty Friedan or Germaine Greer, we had been currently knowledgeable about those. The reason why we had been shocked – on both relativ edges – was just how we seemed! All the Yugoslav participants were putting on high heel pumps and instead hefty makeup – whilst the international feminists from Germany, France and Italy wore no make up together with on flat footwear and instead baggy dresses. It had been as though they desired to verify the prejudices about them. I recall that there was clearly a good workshop on high heel pumps, such was the significance of appearances to your ideology of feminism.

We attempted to inform our peers, one of them Dacia Maraini, Alice Schwarzer, Helene Cixous, Christine Delphy and Maria Rosa Cutrufelli, that makeup ended up being crucial that you us since it had been tricky to find. But, once we discovered later on, the split went more deeply than appearances. Our connection with emancipation from above and their grassroots battle collided. These perceptions that are different one of many subjects of my guide exactly how we Survived Communism as well as Laughed.

In addition keep in mind the seminar “Sisterhood is global”, held on Rhode Island in the usa, in 1983. It absolutely was the start of a worldwide network that is feminist ladies from all continents participated. Nevertheless, there have been not many of us through the communist world. That seminar provided delivery not just to the Sisterhood Is worldwide Institute but, later on, and to the system of East-West ladies (NEWW), a essential instrument for worldwide help across geographic edges and governmental divides. (more…)