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Dear Transit Tammy,

Theres this guy. Lets call him Smyft. He claims he really wants to be with me, which: Yay! Ive been the pet woman of general public transportation solutions as long as i will keep in mind. OK, Im a small run-down. My infrastructure is old, and I also could be bit flaky, maybe not arriving as often as Ive promised. After which here comes this guy that is amazing

Smyft has guaranteed me personally a lot. He claims hell assist fill my gaps in solution. Im a little transportation agency, and I also do not have the wherewithal to get going during the night. Smyft does! Hell give you the work. Hell give you the vehicles. For a cost, everyone else during my citycan have actually fast, dependable transportation solution, also people whodont own a vehicle.

But Tammy, Ive heard the horror tales. Private mobility dudes like Smyft, his sibling, SUber, along with his cousin, SCar2Go,promise a complete lot, but theyre not at all times into sharing—like, information sharing. (more…)