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7 approaches to have outercourse

You can find since many and varied reasons to have intercourse without penetration (also called outercourse) as you will find those who want to have intercourse without penetration. Perchance you or your lover tend to be dealing with disease, perhaps you’re out of condoms, possibly you’re exercising virility understanding plus it’s a fertile day, possibly penetration does not feel well to you personally or really hurts, or even you simply love sex that is non-penetrative!

The overriding point is that, despite everything you might have learned from center school sex ed and/or porn, intercourse is much more than penetration and doesn’t need to involve penetration after all. Penetration isn’t the final end aim of sex. You can determine what intercourse is actually for you. Therefore listed here are 7 super-hot sexy time activities to do that don’t penetration that is involve

Frottage (or dry humping/grinding/tribbing)

Frottage is simply rubbing through to your partner’s body, with or without garments on. (more…)