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My bestfriend and my boyfriend had sex while im away

Weve been buddies since highschool, we hardly ever really consider any reason that is possible my bestfriend betrayed me. After that evening, my bestfriend talked to me personally and she told that my boyfriend took benefit of her because she is drunk. She never ever stop saying she is sorry for what happen. I cried and I also cried right in front of her without saying any words. I actually dont understand how will i react. Im in pain. And it truly *****. I truly want to truly save the relationship but just just just how if all im reasoning is the fact that there is another possibilty if we could talk that she will do it again. After that morning, my boyfriend texted me and asking. I must say I like to know their sidethat he is also drunk that i did talk to him that day. He told me. (more…)