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A path guide escorts a combined team of females from Chicago to California to marry guys which have recently started settling there

Mail Purchase Wife (2004)

Andrew (Andrew Gurland) is a documentary filmmaker who would like to make an image about modern-day mail purchase wedding. This young filmmaker unknowingly gets a touch too a part of their topics in this darkly comic mockumentary. This strange, often ridiculous mockumentary compares the love that two completely different guys feel for the same simple, submissive helpmate.

Andrew believes he’s found the perfect topic for their movie as he satisfies Adrian (Adrian Martinez), a stocky snake lover from Queens, NY, whom earns their living as being a doorman and it has never really had much luck with females.

Adrian desires to opt for a bride from a marriage that is professional agency called Paradise Girls, a matchmaking service for US men and Asian ladies in which he agrees to invest in the N.Y.C. doorman’s East Asian mail-order bride in return for the ability to movie the feeling and work out a film about him.. Andrew is readily available on her arrival along with her beginning as a bride/handmaid.

Adrian quickly weds Lichi (Eugenia Yuan), a appealing burmese woman, but Andrew is significantly less than happy to find out what Adrian would like from their relationship is a female who’ll feed mice to their animal python, make chili just just how he likes it, and keep consitently the household spotless while periodically indulging several of their odder intimate fantasies. (more…)