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Latina researcher breaks intimate taboos in a HIV prevention program that is effective

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A Latina best latin brides researcher found a way that is effective increase condom usage among females located in farmworker communities in Florida — a crucial step up reducing the dangers of acquiring HIV among a susceptible community with less use of healthcare.

The approach? No nonsense and pretty direct.

“Many of these had been ashamed to see on their own into the mirror — they know if something is wrong? ” said Patria Rojas, principal investigator of the study and an assistant professor at Florida International University’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work if they don’t know what a normal vagina looks like, how do.

So the main research had been for the ladies, who’re mostly Latina immigrants, to look at their own figures. Rojas additionally talked into the females about HIV, explained just what it really is and just how it is sent. As homework, the ladies had to exercise employing a feminine condom, which may be positioned in the human body hours before sexual intercourse, providing the lady more control of safer sex. (more…)