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Lyalin quickly wanted to divulge details about the KGB in return for security for him and Teplyakova

In performing this, he became the initial KGB spy to defect since World War II (so far as we all know). The mass expulsion of Soviet diplomats and trade officials which he assisted trigger ended up being, in accordance with the Guardian, “the solitary biggest action taken against Moscow by any Western federal federal government.”

Lyalin and Teplyakova changed and married their identities, however the relationship didn’t last long

In 1995, Lyalin died during the chronilogical age of 57 after fighting an illness that is long. No body appears to know very well what the condition ended up being or where Lyalin ended up being residing as he passed away. Relating to a unique York Times obituary, he passed on at a “undisclosed location in north England.”

Mitrokhin ended up being a profession KGB representative whose secret project — smuggling documents out of the KGB’s archives — became the topic of the 1999 book The blade additionally the Shield, which he collaborated on utilizing the Uk historian Christopher Andrew. (more…)