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Fish framework properly. Joe Thomas, as told to Don Wirth

Joe Thomas, as told to Don Wirth

Numerous bass fishermen find “structure fishing” a confusing concept. In the end, it really is the one thing to read through about some pro winning a tournament on an obscure ditch or overseas hump, nevertheless when it is you on the market searching for some channel dropoff a half-mile from shore and achieving to depend on your graph as opposed to your eyes to understand where you should cast — heck, it is no wonder you can find a lot more weekend anglers beating the banking institutions than probing water that is open. To greatly help clear up the secrets of framework fishing, we desired input from Cincinnati, Ohio, BASS pro Joe Thomas, a four time Vintage qualifier and veteran TV exterior show host. Whether you are a novice or veteran structure angler, we are specific Joe’s advice, presented right right here inside the words that are own will boost your catch price. — Don Wirth