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Combat to be viewed: exactly just just how Ukrainian and Russian professional women are securing their place in public places

In Ukraine and Russia, civil culture and expert associations are assisting females specialists to increase their profile into the general public arena.

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“A 32-year-old blonde girl happens to be acting mind of Kharkiv local management.”

“Two hundred police are now actually underneath the demand of a slim beauty.”

In Ukrainian media, professional women can be constantly presented in terms of what their age is and appears — experts in information safety are changed into “pretty strangers” and “beautiful blondes”, and women serving within the army are inevitably described as “slim and pretty”.

These examples show exactly exactly how also in the occasions that are rare Ukrainian and Russian media come up with ladies in public careers, they often devalue and cast doubt on the expert achievements by showcasing their personal life, age and/or appears.

Structural conditions

Since 2013, Ukraine’s Institute of Mass Ideas has regularly supervised gender balance into the national country’s media. Its many recent research, carried down in February in 2010, revealed that females figure in online news programmes over 3 times less frequently than males (showing up, on average, in 28% of content). (more…)