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Your liberties in the event that you or your partner own your property

In the event that you and/or your partner, civil partner or partner own your property, your liberties will be different dependent on whoever title is from the name deeds and whether or perhaps not you may be married. These facets affect who’s in charge of having to pay the home loan along with other home costs, what are the results if either of you really wants to offer the true house, and what the results are if for example the relationship stops working or one of you dies.

Whom has your home?

Who owns a residential property could be the person whoever title is in the name deeds. Title deeds are registered using the Land join (join of Scotland) or recorded when you look at the General join of Sasines. These registers have details about the ownership of all of the land in Scotland.

A house is owned just by one individual (a owner that is sole, or it could be owned jointly. In the event that you as well as your partner own your property together, both your names would be regarding the name deeds. (more…)