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But a wedding can also be an intricate appropriate deal, in which bride and groomenter a commitment that is mutually binding.

A conventional weddingis that is jewish tapestry woven from many threads: biblical, historic, mystical, social and appropriate. Threads carried from a single generation to another, developing a string of Jewish continuity which dates back significantly more than 3,800 years. In the level that is cosmic our sages train that each wedding ceremonyis a reenactment of this wedding between G-d and also the Jewish people who occurred at Mount Sinai, and that the marriage time is your own Yom Kippur —the holiest & most auspicious day of your life.

The rituals and traditions for the Jewish wedding are based on both its legalistic particulars and its own underlying religious themes—the body and soul of this Jewish wedding.

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Kabbalat Panim —The Pre-Wedding Reception

The wedding that is jewish begins with an unique “kabbalat panim “—reception—in honor regarding the groom and bride. (more…)