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курс платины

Influence of the crystallite size of platinum of the course of hydrogenolysis of ethane and propane over Pt/Al2O3 catalysts

You see, aluminum was the most valuable metal on the planet, worth more than gold and platinum.

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✓ Gold , Silver , Platinum and currency live price (live market prices up-to-the second). Higher gold and platinum prices, the weak United States dollar and relatively low real interest rates were the main factors behind the strong performance of the South African rand in 2004. I’m afraid to tell you how much gold and platinum and rare earths we’ve uncovered. As well as E-Gold all money in the system are gold, platinum and silver guarantee. Gas reserves are estimated at around 3,500 Bcm, oil reserves at 700 Mt and the country possesses large reserves of iodine-bromine, sodium sulphate, various types of salts, and there are also indications that gold and platinum are present.

We currently work with the London Platinum and Palladium Market to administer and distribute LBMA Platinum and LBMA Palladium Prices. This solution is delivered via our custom-built electronic auction platform, LMEbullion. The LME also administrates the licensing of the LBMA Platinum and LBMA Palladium data to firms who wish to redistribute, use the data as a reference in transactions, for pricing and valuation services or for the creation of derived products, such as indices and ETFs. Precious metals unlike the national currencies are very stable; during the financial crises silver, gold, platinum and palladium do not lose their cost but, in contrast, they increase their value.

курс платины

курс платины