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Olbrakht, Shuhay, Kolochava and A ukrainian woman granted in Czechia: the tale of Natalia Tumarets and her household

Natalia states that the town of Kolochava is just a real mecca for czechs. Why?

An instructor of globe literary works from Transcarpathian province, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechia. Sounds very nearly improbable. But after interacting to Natalka Tumanets we recognized that there surely is no this type of expressed term as impossible when it comes to girl. Her primary target would be to turn the Transcarpathian village of Kolochava in to the point that is greatest of relationship between Ukraine and Czechia and a real exemplar of partnership and social cooperation.

“Hey, neboranyko*, you’re gonna tell the entire world of Mykola Shuhay, Olbrakht and Kolochava”

Neboranyko = bad thing (Transcarpathian dialect)

Natalia was created in Kolochava. She completed school and left for Uzhhorod to have advanced schooling. She learned in the Philological Faculty. She chose Czech, as her grandfather had a good command of it as she was making choice of a Slavonic language to study. (more…)