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Brand brand New acquaintances had been a very important factor household ended up being much larger problem to tackle.

I’m maybe not ashamed. I will be only one me personally. I will be bisexual. And I also have always been dealing with it.

There was clearly never a lightbulb minute by which we understood, “Hey! I’m bisexual!” I really invested many years having a growing feeling that one thing about me personally wasn’t quite the norm. It wasn’t until We foot sex began reading fan fiction in earnest that the data type of snuck up on me…I happened to be perhaps not heterosexual. Restricting my intimate interest up to a single gender felt entirely abnormal if you ask me, why must I keep faking it?

I made the decision to possess the label once I went off to grad school i might just introduce myself to brand brand new individuals as bi into the beginning. OK, no, i did son’t lead off with, “Hi, I am Rebecca and I’m bisexual. just How have you been?” That would have labeled me personally as weird for a reason that is completely different! But i did so ensure that the subject arose early in my interactions with brand new buddies, to provide it as a straightforward reality about me no distinctive from the best color. Little did they recognize (i really hope) exactly how hard it had been for me personally become therefore casual, just exactly exactly how monumental our everyday discussion would be to me personally. (more…)