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The Allure of Being “Very Selective” on OKCup

We have a relationship that is love/hate OkCupid. It started fleetingly before my 21 st birthday celebration once I dec

One slightly sexy picture using the tiniest hint of cleavage and plenty of red lipstick? Check Always. One sweet, smiley picture that revealed off my white teeth? Always Check. Plus one necessary Photo Booth selfie sans impacts? Always Check. I developed a witty but to-the-point bio that glossed over my general like of music and fashion mags and my dislike for cats and kiddies. After which I thought that the bait would easily come after after I answered the suggested 50 match questions.

I acquired a small number of communications within my first couple of days online even hooked a couple of times after two months. But after a few years, the web site and my inbox became therefore pathetically dry – no messages and no brand new leads one of the ocean of university guys, interns and prospective politicians. Nobody actually viewed my profile despite my strategic picture modifications at specific hours or my witty responses to the sometimes-lame match concerns. I obtained answers that are one-word no responses after all through the dudes we dared to get in touch with. OkCupid became stupid. Thus I provided up, deleted my profile and experimented with a few other internet web internet sites.

We produced new account that is OKC low hopes and high monotony a couple of weekends ago. I wasn’t anticipating much from it…just a real means to pass through the full time. We uploaded some current pictures, whittled down my cutesy and descriptive profile, responded about 20 questions and left it at that. Literally. I obtained so busy with school and my internship that We let messages stack up within my inbox. A day or two later on, a pal whom glanced within my profile inform me that my message indicator had been red, and therefore we “reply really selectively. (more…)