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Banking account FAQs. May I accept re re payments with Square before i’ve a connected banking account?

Accepting payments may be the core of operating your online business with Square, so that it’s crucial to Square that individuals enable you to get your hard earned money quickly. Here are the absolute most typical concerns from merchants whenever connecting or modifying their bank-account with Square. Please review the data below if you’re trouble that is having or modifying your money.

Just how do I see which bank-account I have actually associated with Square?

View your connected banking account from your internet Square Dashboard. We’ll additionally deliver you an email confirming any transfers with all the final three digits of this account we used in.

Just how do I modify my banking account?

Modifying your banking account is simple from your own online dashboard and also the Square application. Find out more about upgrading your connected banking account.

May I accept re payments with Square before We have a connected banking account?

Yes! You’ll have the ability to accept re payments during your Square account while you’re waiting around for your money to validate. Any re payments you accept during this time period will stay in your balance that is square until bank-account is related. (more…)