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WikiJournal consumer Group/Editorial directions / content design design templates

WikiJournal consumer team Wikipedia-integrated • people peer compare • Libre start reach

WikiJournal individual team actually posting set of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated journals that are academic.


This is certainly an accumulation of content design design templates to do something when a guide for approaches to put together followup and contact using prospective authors as well as peer reviewers.

They are tips only, and also information must certanly be tailored to your receiver wherein feasible. For instance, non-Wikipedians will require each readership measured concerning Wikipedia emphasised, particularly for this issue discussed ( e.g. Through pageview stats).

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Each WikiJournal consumer team is just a Wikipedia-integrated educational log. Additionally it is open-access without any publication charges of any sort. That it partners each rigour to scholastic peer compare using the reach that is extreme of encyclopedia. It is one way that is excellent attain people engagement, outreach to effect people learning significant subjects (articles commonly bring 100,000 vista annually).

Peer-reviewed content tend to be dual-published both of the because ordinary PDFs that are academic along with straight into Wikipedia. It enhances each precision associated with the encyclopedia, to benefits academics using citable, indexed magazines. (more…)