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Its been like couple of years since anybody posted right right here and three since I have published any such thing of substance?

Exactly why are such amazing publications within the honorable mentions? Well, about them too much in other articles because I talk! To get more LGBT+ guide tips, check out my list of current LGBT+ releases, YA LGBT+ genre fiction, and banned LGBT+ classics. You may also always check my feature out of LGBT+ YA writers through the browse With Pride panel at BookCon 2019.

Publications about bisexuals

Hey dudes. Wow. Its been like 2 yrs since anyone posted right right here and three since I have penned such a thing of substance? During my defense I adopted a teenager so life got super duper busy around the period, nevertheless now that I’ve (mostly) sorted out of the time to day stuff that is parenting I’m straight right back. (more…)