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Torture Garden – Inside European countries’s biggest sex club that is fetish

“I became on my knees, taking place on a person I would came across around 30 minutes ago. “

It absolutely was just that I realised I was about to have sex in front of *a lot* of strangers as I lay back on the four-poster bed, waiting for my partner to pull on a condom. A few metres away behind a velvet rope, an audience of men and women endured – some politely nodding towards the music, other people staring intently. But having a gathering did give me a n’t moment’s pause. If such a thing, it made me put my feet around my partner even tighter.

That evening, we’d attended Torture Garden for the time that is first. There’s more to it than latex and fucking although it’s primarily a kink event. It’s an event that provides people the opportunity to move right into a dream and explore things they’ve formerly only ever nervously Googled.

I first encountered Torture Garden as an adolescent after discovering a flyer in a store in Camden. We recognised it as frightening and inappropriate, but additionally one thing i should file away and definitely revisit later on. Fast-forward a couple of years and I also’d confirmed – via a couple of orgies and sex that is weird – that an event where everybody dresses up and gets sexy ended up being certainly one thing i needed to go to.

A pal of mine (and also by buddy after all a man I experienced a threesome with after meeting on Fetlife) invited us to attend Torture Garden’s yearly birthday celebration ball with a team of their buddies. I was greeted by a room of people in various stages of undress and drunkenness when I arrived at his house. Torture Garden includes a strict gown rule: it isn’t extreme enough if you could wear your outfit to a party and not be stared at. (more…)