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Contract, The – by PBrand – At 17 Josh was broke and required cash.

Tour – by Revelen – Zeke and Remmi, two playful, rambunctious seventeen-year-olds head out to a deserted sand pit, some brief tracks, and a pond for a hot, dry, very very early summer time time. Once the time advances, occasions unfold which leave both teens questioning the meaning that is true of bonding. ” (mm-teens, youngsters, 1st, reluc, mast)

Deal, The – by PBrand – At 17 Josh had been broke and required cash. He had been precious, 5’7″, 110 lb, blond with big brown eyes, tiny framework. He had been provided a ‘job’ by Bob Jones a millionaire. Josh was not thinking about doing just exactly exactly what Bob desired, however the cash ended up being too good to shun. Bob provided to offer Josh a resting tablet if he could employ their human anatomy just for a couple of hours. (Mm-teen, reluc, first, oral, anal, medications)

Debbie’s Kinky Tales – by PuppyloverDawn – We have an example of some of the crazy things this teen that is young does for enjoyable together with her family members or by herself. (MMf, ped, inc, bi, orgy)

Deception – by Shadowfax Racer – this really is a real tale about exactly just what occurred to a new guy who was simply a tad too naive for their own good. I understand this, due to the fact whole tale is approximately me. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, nc, rp, v, dental, anal) component 2

Deepest Desires – Trilogy – by Kewtieboy – i willn’t actually have the method we do. We have a great girlfriend. But we have actually this overpowering craving to have Jill fucked by just about anyone who’s prepared i do want to see her being a slut. (more…)