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Interracial dating increased 40 % into the U.S. think about Mississippi?

????? Interracial dating may draw critique � like this of the Mississippi that is young couple resulted in a mom to guard her daughter on Facebook. But during the last 16 years, the wide range of interracial partners in the us has increased by almost 40 per cent, based on a report by

In accordance with, the portion of U.S. married-couple households being interracial or interethnic expanded from 7.4 per cent in 2000 to 10.2 % � 2.8 percentage points � in 2021.

Interracial partners in Mississippi increased underneath the average that is national not as much as 2.4 portion points.

Based on 2021 information:

Interracial relationships vary by county

In line with the report, “Although the portion of married-couple households which can be interracial/interethnic increased overall, this varied by county.”

In Mississippi, most counties failed to view a change that is significant the portion of interracial marriages.

The greatest enhance arrived in Montgomery and rock counties, where in fact the wide range of interracial partners expanded by 4 portion point or even more from 2000 to 2016. (more…)