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Webpage of Pentacles and Education. Pentacles would be the suit of practical abundance.

She actually is diligent and studious, inquisitive and hardworking. She enjoys learning. She is a student and in addition a messenger (friendly, social).

Presumably, you already are studying if you have a test coming up. Therefore, I would personally think she may indeed represent both you and work as a significator.

If you should be perhaps not learning before tests, yes, she actually is suggesting to do this.

We have a tendency to see her as good (for instance, an indicator of good news about something), except whenever she actually is depicted since sad into the artwork. Cannot think which deck it’s at this time, but in certainly one of my decks she (somewhat bizarrely) has a sad phrase. This one we frequently see as more negative. Generally speaking, though she is pretty good according to what you are asking, needless to say. lol

they truly are grounded, nurturing, and dependable – combining one other three elements into truth. In my experience, pages represent atmosphere (a few ideas and interaction) and individuals which can be additionally young people with much to know about one thing. That lends itself naturally to an interpretation of ‘education’ or ‘student’ – to me personally.

If you prefer assistance with certain spreads though, you ought to upload them when you look at the your readings area. Cards suggest somewhat (or often, greatly) various things in various readings – also one card readings. Exactly what does she imply given that result as to the concern?

I am not really acquainted with MAry Hanson-Roberts’ basic Tarot philosophy, just personal, I am afraid. (more…)