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Billionaire hosts gf contest for ‘first girl towards the moon’ and shocker that is( individuals hate it

Improve: On Jan. 29, Maezawa announced on Twitter that the matchmaking documentary and competition had been not any longer taking place. “we have always been certainly sorry through the base of my heart, ” he had written.

Will the woman that is first go to the moon end up being the champion of the billionaire’s “girlfriend competition”? We actually wish perhaps not.

On(Jan sunday. 12), Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, creator for the Japanese online merchant Zozotown and an enthusiastic fine art collector, tweeted, “WANTED. You will want to end up being the ‘first girl’ to go to the moon? #MZ_looking_for_love, ” alongside a graphic of him because of the moon because of the caption ” come to your moon beside me? “

In 2018, Maezawa announced which he and six or eight designers would get to be the passengers that are first SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft, which may travel round the moon without landing. Now, it appears as if the 44-year-old daddy of two intends for just one of the seats to attend the winner of their competition hunting for ladies age 20 or older to utilize to be their gf additionally the “first woman to your moon. “

The backlash

This call for girlfriend applications has received immediate, intense backlash in a turn of events that is shocking to no one. (more…)