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Come On! Exactly exactly How very long Does it just take in order to become a Virgin once again?

Virginity can be an intellectual concept, idea, belief, as well as perhaps most accurately, a term for a few people utilize, often to recognize once they or other people have never had specific experiences

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Reynolds1990 asks:

I’m sure that it will take a woman as much as 7 years after needing to develop into a virgin once again. Is real? Will it be also exactly the same for a woman between your ages of 12 and 15? If they’re both real, would you please show me personally just how that occurs? Me as soon as possible that would be fully appreciated if you could get back to.

Heather Corinna replies:

We speak about this great deal only at Scarleteen: virginity is not physical or something that may be universally proven or disproven with parts of the body.

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