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This can prove very useful when trying to remember what inspired you. Another third-party app with this same security measure is Dropbox, which is handy if you don’t want your toddler accidentally wiping all your files with an ill-judged finger push. Tap Account, then the cog icon , then Turn Passcode On. When you’ve set a passcode, you’ll also be given the option to use Touch ID or Face ID as well.

The collaborators don’t need to be Dropbox users to view the note, though they will need an account before making any changes to it. Most of the more advanced features are only available in Evernote Premium, but if you’re looking for a note taking app that goes beyond the basics, it’s well worth it. As you type a note, Keep automatically saves it and syncs it across all of your devices. You’ll see the date and time the note was last updated, and who edited it, just like in a Google Docs document. It’s a seamless process, and it means you don’t have to think twice about losing important content. Just keep in mind that Keep notes do count against your 15GB of free storage in Google Drive.

Best Reminder App(s) For Ios & Android Users


Use the Chromebook Pro as a standard laptop, or fold the screen back to use it as an Android tablet. If you don’t want to type , a built-in stylus lets you take handwritten notes. The biggest downside to this device is that you can’t run standard Windows apps on it, which could be a problem if you need to move beyond word processing and web browsing.

You can use an Apple Watch and integrate this app with it to use it hand-free. Plus, you can use strong password protection to secure your important notes. This app supports audio recording notes, and the audio can transcribe to texts automatically. You can access your chats, lists, notes on any device, anytime.

Workout Planning Apps

You can easily create a list of grocery, vegetables, project ideas and others on your smartphone. All of these apps are easy to use and create, edit, delete a notes on your phone. It also helps you to make a to-do list or also edit documents on your smartphone for free.

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Even though it is quite possible to get access to all these items on your personal computer, you do not necessarily VidMate APK need all of these things for your entire collection of music. Although VidMate comes with a lot of unique and helpful features. However, it comes with one drawback; there might be many useless and random ads, which might annoy you at one moment. Apart from this, everything is super convenient and useful.

The second quick fix for taking care of any Vidmate related problems is to update the app. There are many user reports which show that the app is plagued by annoying bugs and the app’s developers are doing their best to remove them. As every long time Vidmate fan already knows, the app is exclusive to Android powered smartphones.

Why Downloaded Videos By Vidmate Can Only Be Played Using Playit?

So those are the alternatives that we recommend in place of popular Chinese apps. As we went through the article, we can notice that many Chinese apps have underlying security and privacy issues that are never fixed, intentionally, or otherwise. Not to mention, many apps have been thrown out of the Play Store for such violations in the past. While Mi Video Call is not operational in India, the government has still banned the app.

People can start different streaming sources through this app and can download their preferred ones through the Vidmate app for PC. More than half a billion people have installed VidMate, an Android app that enables them to download videos from YouTube, WhatsApp, and other platforms. If you love watching videos in your free time, you should get Vidmate app. This is a marvelous tool for android devices, which allows you to download videos from numerous sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, etc, easily and conveniently. The Vidmate app is a three-in-one utility for playing, downloading, and converting videos.

Download Vidmate App For Iphone And Ios Devices

Launch the VidMate app by tapping on its icon after the installation process is completed. High speed integrated downloader – fast even in slow internet connections. , That is why you download and install it from the third party.

If you don’t want to wait, you can turn off the setting of Smart Muxer in Apps settings to download files normally. Thank you for your support of PLAYit, sorry for the inconvenience. 2.Turn off the Smart Muxer in the Apps settings to download the file normally, what might occur the slow speed and download failure, especially when your storage is not enough.

What Is Vidmate?