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I’ve been dating a man for nearly couple of years now ( he now lives beside me)

previously the two of us went thru a poor wedding before we came across one another

we had been both mentally all messed up inside our previous failed marriages so of program there’s several things we gotta work on/get previous etc, but I’ve shown him I’m nothing can beat their ex he had been hitched to , letter he always says I’m the most wonderful girl for him but often he makes me feel just like my feelings don’t matter, last week a female buddy of his posted a ill laugh on his Aurora IL escort twitter fb page n tagged him with it and also this made me feel disrespected by their feminine buddy so when we told him just how it made me feel he made excuses for their friend n said perhaps my emotions had been wrong… n I’m no specialist nevertheless when u love some body aren’t u suppost to guide them? (more…)

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