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With this thought, here are some things that are kinky may do to your man while he’s blindfolded.

Hold & Cold

As soon as your guy is blindfolded, you’re likely to tease him with a few hot and sensations that are cold…

Matter Game

Next, you are able to play a easy concern & responses game and present him rewards or punishments dependent on his responses. Consider proposed punishments and rewards down the road in the content.

Lead Him Somewhere New

It is possible to lead your guy someplace else once you blindfold him. This could be someplace boring want to another bed room or the family room. But should you want to be kinkier, you might like to bring him towards the cellar, storage and even outside if general public play can be your thing. I talk more about general general public play later in this kinky ideas article right here.

One other good thing about blindfolding your guy is you may find there clearly was less force for you. In the event that you frequently feel force to put a performance on for your man or feel self-conscious about your self during sex, then making him wear a blindfold might help relieve this stress. (more…)