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Can kitties be homosexual, lesbian or bisexual?

After our investigation that is hard-hitting into dogs could be homosexual, plenty of you feline fans available to you were likewise asking us: is my cat homosexual?

That’s nonsense needless to say. Everybody loves kitties, and kitties are indifferent to all or any people. It’s the good explanation we love them.

But if we’re talking in regards to the sex of kitties, well that is an interesting one.

Do cats have gay sex?

Let’s maybe perhaps maybe not beat around the bush. This is actually the concern many you will be actually asking.

Although kitties aren’t quite since well-known as dogs for humping one another, your leg, or perhaps the furniture, they continue to have requirements, dammit.

Those requirements aren’t a similar as individual requirements. Feminine cats are polyestrous, this means each goes into temperature (for example. get all horny) many times per year, for three to seven months at the same time.

Additionally they show that they’re looking for action with lordosis, or “presenting” – when they reflexively stick their bits floating around essentially. (more…)