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The Maine Mag | Leftover bread goes well with Romesco, a Catalan sauce that pairs splendidly with anything off the grill—meat, seafood, or potatoes.

COOK-June 2010 By Annemarie Ahearn Styling + Photography by Stacey Cramp

Bread is merely flour, water, sodium, and persistence. At Tim Semler and Lydia Moffet’s bakery in Brooksville, the bakers add the labors of love.

We get to Brooksville, greeted by a chorus of woodcock and peepers in an otherwise still night. We drive the deserted road that is coastal Tinder Hearth, a village bakery with very little of a village, home to seven bakers that are additionally a band of performers. On Sundays in the summertime, they host an open mic inside their barn—and the baking and singing seep late in to the evening. (more…)