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FarmersOnly: Five methods for dating a farmer. Browse Right Right Here

So that you think you need to head out of this town and date a farmer? As FarmersOnly points down, dating a farmer is not only about blue skies and pastures that are green.

“Remember, farmers tidy up well because, let’s face it, they need to get dirty,” said Jerry Miller, founder of,

FarmersOnly implies these five strategies for dating a farm farmgirl or boy:

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Suggestion no. 1

– Farming is really a farmer’s # 1 concern. Farming is not merely a work. It’s a real lifestyle. Farmers work very long hours, and calves and plants can’t delay. It’s frequently actually efforts, and it will be mentally draining. But at the conclusion of a difficult day’s work, nothing is like seeing a wobbly colt just just take his very first actions to their momma, those small month-old calves playing around and throwing up their heels, or dozens of hay bales neatly stacked up and ready for the herd through the cold weather months. (more…)