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Mum fears spouse’s pregnancy sex fetish will destroy their relationship

The girl has caught her husband taking a look at sexualised pictures and videos of expectant females and it is ‘weirded out’ by it – but other people say it is normal.

A mum fears her spouse’s pregnancy sex fetish will destroy their relationship.

The girl stated she had been ‘weirded out’ after finding out her spouse had the strange fetish a few years back, but after confronting him, he guaranteed her he would “get better”.

But the mum claims 30 days he was downloading news apps with stories featuring pregnant women ago she found evidence his fetish was back after seeing.

Using to Mumsnet for advice she stated: “So a few years straight back i consequently found out my DH possessed a fetish for expecting mothers and their bellies and the full on porn addiction, if i am truthful it weirded me personally away a lot and I realised that he would get better and he did we had our own child and everything has seemed perfect until around a month ago that he needed help which he refused and said.

“a few weeks whilst he went out and I saw on there multiple articles on the homepage of you guessed it ago he left his phone on in the lounge. (more…)