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Stella Cox – Really Really Loves Getting Fucked In Public Places

We welcome right right right back among the numerous muses of Public Disgrace, Stella Cox who returns once more to obtain just exactly just what she usually craves; corporal punishment, rough intercourse, and general public humiliation. The lovely Nikki Thorne as well as the constantly severe Antonio Ross have Stella crawling outside on the fingers and knees throughout the dirty pavement with her ass and big natural breasts exposed and a spreader club linked with each ankle. Nikki and Antonio take turns sporadically zapping Stella’s ass, legs, and breasts with electricity merely to view her flinch in fear. Sitting on a park work bench, Antonio then makes use of Stella’s ass being a footstool while she licks neat and deep-throats Nikki Thorne’s sweaty bare legs, addressing all of them with saliva and rips from most of the gagging. With Stella’s legs distribute aside from the concrete everyone that is showing shaved pussy, Nikki commands Stella to wash her dirty ass and has a chair on Stella’s face although the general public view and tune in to Stella’s muffled screams. While starving for atmosphere, Stella furiously licks every crevice of Nikki’s asshole. Later on with Stella being led by leash and collar, they check out a crowded club to satisfy Steve Holmes where Stella then gets on her behalf knees and licks Nikki’s hairy horny pussy while Antonio slaps Stella’s ass until its pink and hot. Steve Holmes then canes Stella’s ass and breasts, making her covered in enduring stripes that are red match her red gown. (more…)