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The Mexican on interracial relationship and overwhelming prejudice

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The Mexican on interracial dating and prejudice that is overwhelming

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First, it had been the Native Americans, then it absolutely was the blacks, then the Japanese. For a time, Muslims. Now, we fear that American prejudice will soon overwhelm Mexicans. It’s one thing to get called a dirty Jap or border hopper, but tell me: how is it possible that America can cause another cultural team to suffer in a way similar to the Japanese and blacks? Or, can you believe our country has matured enough to never again commit the deeds it’s prior to? Mex-Jap

A few key differences between the groups you pointed out and also the individuals I study. Mexicans had been never ever enslaved en masse a la Africans (Know-Nothings can spare me personally their pseudo-populist bullshit about illegal immigrants getting paid slave wages. One guy’s pennies is another’s muy grande pesos). Nor perform some detention pencils where la places that are migra rounded up illegals compare to the World War II internment of Issei and Nissei. And Mexicans in the usa certainly never ever dealt with genocide such as the Indians (feather) — the Manifest Destiny-ing of Texas while the American Southwest, si, yet not mass extermination. (more…)

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