The thing that makes A guy Attractive in Speed Dating? How to Achieve Initial Attractiveness

The thing that makes A guy Attractive in Speed Dating? How to Achieve Initial Attractiveness

The thing that makes A guy Attractive in Speed Dating? How to Achieve Initial Attractiveness

Q: What are associated with factors that result in attraction in a time that is short?

A: Speed dating studies give us a chance to examine some factors that can cause initial attractiveness.


Previous studies have identified some strong techniques individuals become drawn to another. Here are a few of these:


  • “Birds of a Feather Flock Together. ” Often people become interested in one another simply because they have actually things in accordance.
  • This may be background that is cultural provided hobbies, musical passions, films which they both like, etc.
  • The theory is that, if two people share the interests that are same they’ll likely go along and now have shared goals.


  • Sometimes whenever an individual realizes some body likes them, they begin to back like that person.
  • This can be according to some solid emotional principles – people like to be flattered, and additionally they want to be liked. We should be around individuals who like us. Why wouldn’t we?
  • Therefore, expressing attraction, compliments, generosity, etc. May create attraction in someone for you personally.


  • This 1 is most likely apparent. Attraction can you should be about real beauty.
  • Past research implies that guys are more prone to say that physical attractiveness is most significant in their mind, however the proof also shows that with regards to actual habits, women and men tend to be more alike than various.
  • People are interested in people that are physically attractive.


  • Finally, attraction may be due to a wish to have protection.
  • It isn’t exactly “romantic” in a warm fuzzy method, but if you believe about this, it seems sensible.
  • Individuals who can be determined by one another, have actually provided objectives, and tend to be dedicated one to the other will be more drawn to one another.
  • Likewise, somebody whom provides no protection, commitment, reliability, etc. Is not likely to be that great of the partner, right?
  • But of those different attraction mechanisms, which will be at play whenever individuals meet for the time that is first? What type is considered the most powerful? Can it be various for guys and females?
  • Some scientists desired to resolve these relevant concerns additionally the article ended up being posted when you look at the Journal of Personality in ’09.


  • The researchers recruited 108 heterosexual students (half men, half females) to be involved in a rate experiment that is dating. An average of, these were around two decades old.
  • The test contained attendance at three sessions.


  • As of this session, individuals finished a questionnaire about their backgrounds, views, values, interests, and personality.
  • They certainly were told the positioning and period of the dating task and had been dismissed.


  • A event that is speed-dating put up with sets of 10-20 individuals (half males, half ladies). Refreshments had been offered.
  • Each participant got a true title label.
  • Each participant invested five full minutes with every person in the contrary intercourse.
  • After each and every “date, ” participants done a brief study regarding the individual they simply came across.
  • Individuals had been told that after it was over if they wanted, they could get contact information for whomever they wanted.


  • The individuals all came ultimately back and filled out more descriptive survey questionnaires about everybody they “dated. Following the occasion” The survey included if they were thinking about seeing every person once more.


  • First, the researchers just looked over the distinctions between people overall within their reviews.
    • Guys were taller and thicker. They involved much more recreations than ladies, while ladies involved with more shopping, travel, art, and socializing.
    • Personality-wise, ladies ranked greater on extroversion and neuroticism (a broad group of psychological disease) than males.
    • Guys consistently had been more interested in their dating lovers.
  • Then, the researchers looked over which facets were correlated with need to date somebody once more.
  • For females, just two faculties had been regularly correlated with attraction:

Physical attractiveness

Sports task

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